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The Most Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Can You Identify the Most Common Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue? We receive calls at the Women to Women Health Care Clinic every day from women insisting they are in the throes of menopause. What else could be causing their inability to focus or concentrate, unexplained weight gain, constantly racing mind, anxiety and extreme irritability? They […]

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Thyroid and Menopause Symptoms

The Link Between Thyroid and Menopause Symptoms

Are you one of those women who scan magazines at the check out counter, reading the headlines about thyroid, wondering if that’s the reason you might be gaining weight (or unable to lose it) or not feeling like yourself? Or are you sure it’s just perimenopause? Every day at my clinic I see more and […]

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Hypothyroid Symptoms

Hypothyroidism is the medical term for a sluggish thyroid. It can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including: Severe fatigue, loss of energy Weight gain, difficulty losing weight Depression and depressed mood Joint and muscle pain, headaches Dry skin, brittle nails Brittle hair, itchy scalp, hair loss Irregular periods, PMS symptoms Breast milk formation […]

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easing symptoms pms

Easing Symptoms of PMS

Your food choices can be one of the most powerful tools you have to eliminate symptoms of PMS. There’s no doubt that the foods you eat have a direct impact on the way you feel. If you find yourself sluggish, irritable, anxious, bloated coping with increased food cravings or unusually hungry in the days before […]

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symptoms depression

Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression

What Is Depression? As humans, too often we seem to be struggling to maintain our balance. While modern medicine has vanquished most of the acute infectious diseases that were once our greatest threat, depression is still prevalent. I know that many of you may have had bouts of depression in your life. It’s overwhelming, but […]

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Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

There are so many daily stressors that send our adrenal glands a message to produce stress hormones. A wide range of physical and psychological demands like a stressful job, family responsibilities, relationship dynamics, lack of sleep, financial concerns, dieting, and emotional distress trigger our adrenals to provide relatively small blasts of strength in the form […]

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Relief Tips For The Top Five Menopausal Symptoms

Fatigue. Weight gain. Hot flashes. Low libido. Hair loss. We hear from dozens of women each day who are experiencing menopausal symptoms. These five symptoms, according to these women, are the most troubling and motivate them to find help. As one friend shared with us on Facebook, “People should NOT tough it out or chalk […]

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