Bone Health

Bone Health – Prevent Osteoporosis By Easing Inflammation

Most people have heard about a connection between bone density and osteoporosis. But what if I told you it’s far more complicated than that? There are so many pieces to consider, and one factor that’s often overlooked in the prevention of osteoporosis is reducing chronic inflammation. It’s important to take a look at Osteoporosis and […]

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vitamin d new

Vitamin D — The New Giant for Bone Health and Overall Disease Prevention

I’m sure you’ve heard something about Vitamin D lately. This all-important vitamin seems to be in the news constantly, with new research revealing connections between vitamin D deficiency and a myriad of health concerns, including cancer, depression, osteoporosis, immune dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, and more. In fact, mounting research documents the impressive degree of disease […]

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Keeping Your Bones Strong

Your bones, hair, teeth, and nails are all mirrors of what you put into your body. In my practice, I encourage patients to try a combination approach to preventing and treating osteoporosis that begins with optimal nutrition. In short, this means: Take a daily medical-grade nutritional supplement rich in the minerals and nutrients that support […]

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Fractures – Risks, Types and Prevention

The fear of breaking a bone is a big concern for many of the women I see – and with good reason. Fracturing a major bone, such as the pelvis, hip, or spine can be debilitating. And the media sends terrifying messages about the risk of fracture in women. It seems like every time you […]

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The Benefits and Risks of Fosamax and other Bisphosphonates

Early use of bisphosophonates, the class of drugs that includes Fosamax (alendronate), and Actonel (risedronate), was industrial: corrosion prevention, laundry soaps, and fertilizer. They were used primarily in the textile and oil industries. Scientists only discovered that bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption (or bone loss) in the late ‘60s. Bone scans proved that the drugs increased […]

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Bone Density and Bone Strength: Ending the Confusion

You’ve likely heard media hype about a connection between bone density and bone strength. But did you know there is no hard evidence that bone density correlates with bone strength or flexibility—the two factors that prevent fractures? In fact, bones can be dense (rich in calcium and hard), yet brittle—what matters more is the health […]

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How Bones Are Built and Lost

Bones are complicated living tissue, not ossified shells around marrow like soup bones you bring home from the butcher. Bones are 35% latticed protein—an infrastructure known as the collagen matrix—and 65% mineralized collagen, which gives the bone its strength. Bone health depends on a give-and-take process, called remodeling. During this process, bone cells called osteoclasts travel […]

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