health benefits of coffee

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a lifeline for so many women. I’ve certainly been there myself! Not only does a cup of coffee in the morning give you an initial boost of energy to get you going, but this warm, comforting beverage is such an integral part of our American culture that many women can’t imagine starting their […]

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Detox and Women’s Health

By Frank Lipman, MD A note from Marcelle: There’s a lot of buzz about detox right now, and we’re glad of it. Detox should be part of every woman’s effort to take control of her health. To help you learn how, we’ve asked Dr. Frank Lipman to share his perspective. Frank specializes in detoxification; he’s […]

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coffee good

Could Coffee Be Good for You?

by Dixie Mills, MD Medical school requires one to be alert and awake, so of course I relied on a cup of coffee to do just that. After I got pregnant however, I lost my taste for it completely. Now don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy a good decaf latte – on a […]

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Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine Withdrawal – Doing it with Ease

Can you imagine a morning without coffee? Many women can’t, but caffeine can have so many negative effects on your body that I always recommend my patients try to cut back (or cut out entirely) the amount they are consuming. But quitting cold turkey may prompt more uncomfortable symptoms than you want to handle, making […]

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caffeine boost causing sink

Is Your Caffeine Boost Causing You to Sink?

There’s an awful lot about caffeine in the media these days, isn’t there? Is it good for you? Bad for you? How much is too much? Are you addicted to the taste or the effect? It’s hard to tell from all the conflicting reports. Some headlines will tell you that caffeine is good for you, […]

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common toxins

A List of Common Toxins

Your body faces a toxic burden from countless sources, including but not limited to: Environmental toxins  Outdoor pollution  Indoor pollution  Carpeting, especially when new  Combustion by-products (e.g., carbon monoxide)  Dust, at work or at home  Mold and mildew  Manufactured wood products, especially in new house construction  Household cleaning products  Chemicals commonly found in drinking water […]

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why fad diets don't work

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Nearly all of my patients ask me when we first meet, “How can I lose this weight?” A full one-third of these women have been on one diet or another for as long as they can remember. This habitual dieting generally keeps women at a manageable weight until they enter perimenopause and menopause. I hear […]

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