Emotions, Anxiety and Mood

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9 Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety

Do you have any friends who haven’t talked about feeling anxious at one time or another? If so, I’d be surprised! I don’t know anyone who has never experienced anxious feelings along with physical symptoms – a rapid heartbeat and sweaty palms before a presentation or a rush of “what if” questions flooding their mind […]

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surprising sources of stress

Surprising Sources of Stress

I remember back in 1983, when Time Magazine called stress the “Epidemic of the 80’s” in a cover story. I was so excited to see that Time Magazine, a popular and accepted news source, was talking about something the medical profession rarely recognized back then. With more than 30 years of wisdom since, not much has changed in […]

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Stress and Happiness

Isn’t it crazy how stressed we all seem to be all the time? How often does a friend say “I’m so stressed”? How often do you say it yourself? Whether it’s work, relationships, caring for children or aging parents, or some other source of stress, it often seems as though we simply can’t avoid it. […]

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healing past help present

How Does Healing Your Past Help Your Present Health?

“As humans, it’s our great fortune that any negative patterns we are capable of learning, once we become aware of them, we are also capable of unlearning” – The Hoffman Process The issues for women are quite clear cut when it comes to emotional needs. By nature, women tend to be the caregivers to everyone […]

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stress affecting memory

Is Stress Affecting Your Memory?

Stress comes up often in my practice. It’s a part of the conversation I have with almost every patient I see. Most of my patients report having moderate to high stress levels, and many are surprised when I determine that their symptoms are likely a result of  chronic stress. When stress is constant, our adrenal […]

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healing emotionally

Healing Yourself Emotionally – Release Your Negative Patterns

In the years working with patients, I’ve witnessed incredibly profound changes in women – particularly those who have experienced emotional healing. We’d work together to heal imbalances in their bodies and get to the source of their uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. However, some don’t reach the level of wellness they’d like without addressing their emotional health. […]

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