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farmed fish or wild fish

4 Reasons to Choose Wild Fish Over Farmed Fish

This time of year you may be hearing more about turkey than seafood, but if you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you know how important eating fish can be to your health. Fish is a fantastic source of Omega-3’s, which impact heart health, brain health, mood, and so much more! When I was […]

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low vitamin d levels

The Value of Vitamin D

Most women are familiar with the role that Vitamin D plays in bone health. There’s a huge body of research that supports the impact that this important nutrient has, and the food industry has heavily invested in marketing the benefits of products fortified with Vitamin D. But do you know how many other health issues […]

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healthy holidays

Are Healthy Holidays Possible? Absolutely!

The holiday season is upon us. How are you feeling about that? The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, connection, giving and fun, but for so many women this time of year is a lot more complicated than that. When the holidays are over, my office is flooded with women trying to […]

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