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holiday stress

Holiday Stress and How to Fight Depression

When the holidays don’t feel like the most wonderful time of the year: Tips for keeping holiday stress at bay Isn’t the holiday season glorious? Magazines, television movies and marketing gurus tell you it’s supposed to be the most magical time of year. But what if you’re experience is different? I know first hand how […]

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no prescription required

No Prescription Required for this Powerful Medicine

Have you noticed how often health care practitioners pull out their prescription pad when you tell them you’re feeling poorly? I hear it all the time from the women who come to see me. All too often, their symptoms have been dismissed, or a pill has been offered as the only solution. But who wants […]

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life turmeric

Spice Up Your Life with Turmeric

By now you know how important I believe food is to health and healing. Food is something I discuss with virtually every patient I see at Women to Women. Finding the right balance of high quality proteins, slow-release carbohydrates and healthy fats — and knowing which ones are the best to choose — is something […]

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get mojo back

Get Your Mojo Back Without “Pink” Viagra

I know that changing sexual desire is a big struggle for women as they age. It’s one of the most common complaints I hear from patients at the clinic. Sexual desire is considered to be a life force in many cultures and feeling sexy and desired is a powerful part of being a woman. So […]

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The Great Fluoride Myth

One of the great things about being a health care practitioner for more than three decades is that I get to see exciting new research and development emerge –- and also witness the medical and scientific communities retract mistakes and give credence to things that were dismissed years ago. Remember when butter was “bad” and […]

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precision medicine

What’s the Buzz About Precision Medicine?

I have known about bio-individuality for more than three decades now, and have always believed that there is no “one size fits all” approach to wellness. So it’s exciting for me to see functional medicine actively acknowledge the potential that exists to use our own bodies’ information to prevent, diagnose, and treat health conditions (even […]

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surprising sources stress

Surprising Sources of Stress

I remember back in 1983, when Time Magazine called stress the “Epidemic of the 80’s” in a cover story. I was so excited to see that Time Magazine, a popular and accepted news source, was talking about something the medical profession rarely recognized back then. With more than 30 years of wisdom since, not much has changed in […]

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modern healthcare

The Truth About Modern Healthcare

Have you ever noticed how quickly the healthcare industry changes? You might be just getting used to one standard of care when suddenly, you’re hearing something completely different. With advances in medical technology, enhanced scientific research, improvement in treatments, and the ability to have so much information at our fingertips, the healthcare industry is an […]

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