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woman with stress and aging symptoms

Is Stress Aging You Before Your Time?

When I ask women “How are you?”, so many of them answer “So stressed!” I hear it from friends, from patients, even from casual acquaintances making small talk. Stress is ever present in our modern lives. Sometimes it’s almost worn like a badge of honor – one person says they’re stressed and the other tries […]

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holiday stress

Holiday Stress and How to Fight Depression

When the holidays don’t feel like the most wonderful time of the year: Tips for keeping holiday stress at bay Isn’t the holiday season glorious? Magazines, television movies and marketing gurus tell you it’s supposed to be the most magical time of year. But what if you’re experience is different? I know first hand how […]

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no prescription required

No Prescription Required for this Powerful Medicine

Have you noticed how often health care practitioners pull out their prescription pad when you tell them you’re feeling poorly? I hear it all the time from the women who come to see me. All too often, their symptoms have been dismissed, or a pill has been offered as the only solution. But who wants […]

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