Hormonal Health


Phytotherapy — The Key To Hormonal Balance?

So many women I talk to are afraid to try herbal remedies because they’re uncertain about safety. They think that because a pharmaceutical drug has been studied in a laboratory, regulated by the FDA and prescribed by a doctor, it has to be safe. But the truth is that conventional medicine is responsible for 255,000 […]

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high cortisol levels

The Destructive Effect of High Cortisol Levels

What is cortisol? In its normal function, cortisol helps us meet life’s challenges by converting proteins into energy, releasing glycogen and counteracting inflammation. For a short time, that’s okay. But at sustained high levels, cortisol gradually tears your body down. Cortisol is one essential we can’t live without.  But too much of a good thing […]

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stress response

The Stress Response

Adapted from Is it Me or My Hormones? In recent years, the word “stress” has taken on such negative connotations, but from the body’s point of view, it only means any type of demand or challenge that requires the body to expend extra energy. Getting up from your seat and walking across the room is a […]

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