Menopause and Perimenopause

emotional side perimenopause

The Emotional Side of Perimenopause

How many times have you felt something going on in your body that made you think something was wrong? Have you panicked over a hot flash or mood changes because you’re convinced you must be in early menopause? Do you find yourself suddenly unable to carry on as you always have, without any idea why? […]

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menopause magical meaningful

Making Menopause Magical and Meaningful

One of the wonderful things about being a part of  the Women to Women clinic for over thirty years is that I have seen so many women heal their bodies and their lives. Thousands of women overcome by disruptive symptoms such as joint pain, night sweats, digestive concerns, anxiety, depression, mood swings, or hot flashes, […]

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pms menopause worse

How You’re Making Your PMS (Or Menopause) Worse

When I co-founded the Women to Women clinic more than thirty years ago, I was so excited to create the first alternative health clinic to offer care for women by women. I knew from the day our doors opened that women were not always listened to in the mainstream health care system. I knew that […]

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The Surprising Truth About Hot Flashes

Maybe you’ve been in this situation: You’re standing with a group of friends, having a stimulating conversation and enjoying their company, when all of a sudden a wave of heat floods your body. You feel tingling from head to toe, and you break out in a sweat. Your concentration is broken and you can’t focus […]

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The Truth About Perimenopausal Weight Gain

As women, we spend so much of our lives comparing ourselves to other women – whether it’s our friends, our co-workers, our sisters or family members, or the many women who stare back at us from the pages of magazines, or TV and film screens. We use these other women as models of what is […]

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