Amenorrhea (The Absence of Menstruation)

It’s not unusual to miss a period on occasion. When our lives get busy and stressful, that stress can impact our bodies and our menstrual cycles as well. I always tell my patients that if you miss a period once or twice a year, especially if you are experiencing stress as you might during special […]

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menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps or Dysmenorrhea

Do you dread the onset of your period because you know it will leave you doubled over in pain, maybe even bedridden by discomfort? Have you missed work, school, or had to cancel social plans because you are simply too uncomfortable to leave the house? If so, you aren’t alone! Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for […]

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treatment menorrhagia

Causes and Treatment of Menorrhagia

The causes of menorrhagia can vary widely between women, but there are some common issues at the root of unusually heavy bleeding. These include fibroids, low progesterone relative to estrogen (both common in perimenopause), PCOS, or other hormonal imbalance. Occasionally an intrauterine device (IUD) could cause excessive menstrual bleeding, but his is not the norm […]

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Menorrhagia Hypermenorrhagia

Menorrhagia and Hypermenorrhagia

Heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle can be both frightening and isolating. You may find yourself unable to leave the house for fear that you’ll soak through your tampon or pad and end up in an embarrassing situation. Let’s talk about what’s going on when bleeding is unusually heavy, and what you can do about […]

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Reverse the Curse – Benefits of Your Period

Your period is a monthly health report card Menstrual cycles highlight your “best times of the month” Regular cycles help inform your health decisions I’m sure there are things you don’t enjoy about your period; I’m right there with you sometimes. But let’s flip the usual conversation that highlights the negative aspects of your monthly […]

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menstrual cycle

The Menstrual Cycle

You have likely been having menstrual cycles since you were a teenager, but have you ever really understood what’s happening in your body? Have you ever wondered why your cycle can be so different from other women you know? A woman’s menstrual cycle is highly individual, and can range anywhere from 24–37 days. What’s “normal” […]

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Information on Menstruation

From puberty until menopause, a woman’s biochemistry waxes and wanes to her own unique monthly rhythm, known as the menstrual cycle. The word menstruation is derived from the Latin word menses, which means month. Regular menstruation is a sign that the body is producing appropriate levels of hormones in a balanced fashion according to a rhythm […]

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