pms doesn't exist

PMS Doesn’t Exist!

PMS doesn’t exist! That’s what I heard from a speaker recently who was giving a TED-X talk. Describing PMS as a myth, she went as far as to say that the PMS label is an excuse for women to behave in a way that would otherwise not be acceptable. And that for all we know, […]

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eliminate pms

What You Can Do to Reduce or Even Eliminate PMS

I will never forget it. I was 20 years old, having just graduated from college and home for the summer while preparing to take off for a long-awaited trip to Europe. My whole life lay ahead of me—and I wasn’t even able to get motivated to renew my passport. Despite all the wonderful things I […]

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herbal treatments pms

Herbal Treatments for PMS

Treating premenstrual syndrome naturally What causes PMS Nature’s answer to PMS Women to Women takes you seriously We know you’ve had to change your plans because of your symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. The question is, how often? We know that PMS affects your life by causing a disruption in your plans, and we also know […]

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pms symptoms

PMS Symptoms and Causes

What causes PMS symptoms? Lifestyle factors contribute to PMS Simple changes to feel better No matter if you are suffering from one particularly painful PMS symptom or 100 PMS symptoms, I want you to know that you have the ability to modify how you’re feeling. Over the years we’ve seen the majority of women affected […]

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natural relief pms

Natural Relief for PMS Symptoms

Natural relief for PMS symptoms: the Women to Women approach Several women tell me that they’ve always assumed that premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was just a part of life they had to live with and they couldn’t do anything about it—and they were never told otherwise. Jenny, one of the women that I’ve seen, is a good example. At […]

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