Sex and Fertility

sex middle years

Safe (and Enjoyable) Sex in Your Middle Years

If you’ve been waiting in line at the supermarket or browsed a newsstand recently, you cannot help but notice the controversial and attention getting covers of today’s women’s magazines. If they are not sharing “the secret to losing weight overnight,” these magazines are offering up tips on how to have a better sex life or […]

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birth control methods

Birth Control Methods

This comparison chart provides various birth control methods, along with their reliability factors, pros and cons, and also advantages and disadvantages. The information will give you and your partner knowledge about a variety of conception methods, including intrauterine devices (IUD), hormonal methods (pills, ring, patch, injection, and implant), spermicidal methods, and family awareness methods (rhythm, […]

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Endometriosis – Start With A Natural Approach

Every woman, even if not personally affected by endometriosis at this time, can benefit from knowing and understanding the basics of this condition. This insight can offer a way to better see how our bodies work – and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy. Receiving a diagnosis of endometriosis can be scary, but […]

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Women’s Sexuality and Fertility

Doesn’t it often feel like society has a crazy timeline for women when it comes to sexuality?  We’re expected to bear children by a certain age, and we’re also expected to cease being sexy as we get older, like there’s some kind of expiration date.  I’m happy to say that more and more women are […]

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The Health Benefits of Sex, No Matter What Your Age

S-E-X. Sex. For a small word, s-e-x evokes all sorts of varied emotions for people! Some women tell me that sex was never discussed in their homes when growing up; others say that it was discussed infrequently and in hushed tones. Rarely do I hear that sex and sensuality were encouraged topics of conversation. Sensuality […]

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choosing birth control

Choosing Birth Control

Choosing birth control—options for women It shocks me how frequently, when I ask them about contraception,  patients assume I am asking about birth control pills. This confusion tells me how little the majority of women are taught about contraceptive options and how they work. The pill is just one of many different methods to prevent […]

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