Skin Care

Beat Back Free Radicals

As a young girl I grew up in Australia and spent my days in the sun. We didn’t know back then about sunscreen or the long term effects of staying in the sun. I had no idea that I would find out later in life that being in the sun four a hours a day […]

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Skin Care – It’s For Everyone

As I walked through my local mall this past weekend, I was in awe of all the stores which were all promoting skin care products. One allowed you to sniff and spread, another allowed you to have a facial mask put on and another even allowed you to create your own scent to mix with […]

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Cellulite – Will Smooth Skin Ever Return?

I have talked with my patients for years about cellulite. Some will never wear shorts or a bathing suit because of the appearance of the dimpled skin known as cellulite. Many have tried wraps, creams and even electrical stimulation in an effort to regain their formerly smooth and evenly plump skin. Cellulite is almost exclusively […]

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holistic skin care

Holistic Skin Care – Healthy Skin From The Inside Out

Conventional wisdom tells women to brace themselves as they age: get ready for your looks to go downhill and your skin to head south. Cosmetic companies make billions of dollars off the fear of aging skin, with new anti-aging products and topical “miracle” products launched every year. From my own experience and that of my […]

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anatomy skin

Anatomy of the Skin

The skin is an amazing, versatile organ that is truly holistic. It covers your entire body and stretches from deep within to the outside. Once you understand how comprehensive your skin is, you will see that it only makes sense to start caring for your skin where it starts: deep below the surface. The skin […]

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