A List of Common Toxins

common toxins

Your body faces a toxic burden from countless sources, including but not limited to:

Environmental toxins

  •  Outdoor pollution
  •  Indoor pollution
  •  Carpeting, especially when new
  •  Combustion by-products (e.g., carbon monoxide)
  •  Dust, at work or at home
  •  Mold and mildew
  •  Manufactured wood products, especially in new house construction
  •  Household cleaning products
  •  Chemicals commonly found in drinking water
  •  Chemicals commonly found in food
  •  Processed foods
  •  Colorings, preservatives (BHT, EDTA), additives, and flavorings
  •  Pesticides
  •  Food packaging
  •  Genetically altered foods GMO
  •  Personal care products (lotions, creams, perfumes)
  •  Heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic)
  •  Radiation
  •  Noise pollution
  •  Plastic water bottles and food containers
  •  Plastic wraps that food is stored in


  •  Prescriptions
  •  Over-the-counter medication
  •  Recreational (including alcohol)
  •  Stimulants (including caffeine)
  •  Additives or colors in many medications.


  •  Pollens
  •  Grasses
  •  Dust mites
  •  Animal dander
  •  Mold outdoors and indoors
  •  Foods
  •  Lotions


  •  Trans fats or artificial colors or preservatives
  •  Excess sugar and refined products
  •  Imbalance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  •  Food sensitivities and allergies
  •  Constant dieting
  •  Processed foods of all kinds

Low-grade infections

  •  Parasites
  •  Yeast
  •  Viral
  •  Bacterial
  •  Lyme, or other cofactors

Nutritional deficiencies

  •  Digestive and pancreatic enzyme
  •  Vitamins and minerals
  •  Amino acids
  •  Phytonutrients
  •  Essential fatty acids
  •  Neurotransmitter

Metabolic imbalances

  •  Hormonal Dysbiosis (gut flora)
  •  Chronic inflammation
  •  Poorly functioning organs
  •  Poor cell signaling


  •  Injuries
  •  Repetitive strain
  •  Tension
  •  Lack of exercise
  •  Lack of sleep
  •  Excess stress


  •  Too many responsibilities
  •  Required to put in long hours, without adequate relaxation time
  •  Daily work is boring and has unrewarding tasks
  •  Poor physical as well as emotional conditions


  •  Suffering from low self-esteem
  •  No sense of purpose or meaning
  •  Shortage of joy or love
  •  Holding grudges/inability to forgive
  •  Judging yourself and others
  •  Feeling helpless
  •  Unable to reach out and ask for help
  •  Worrying a lot or feeling anxious
  •  Pessimism
  •  Guilt-ridden
  •  Uncertainty
  •  An inability to fully express your emotions


  •  Loneliness
  •  Seclusion
  •  Lack of family support
  •  Divorce or break-up of long-term relationship
  •  Death of a spouse or other loved one
  •  Immigration


  •  Lack of trust in self, others, or the Universe
  •  Feeling separated from nature
  •  Disregarding your inner guidance
  •  Little or no feeling of gratitude
  •  Lack of kindness as well as compassion for self and others

Adapted from Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality and Long-term Health, by Frank Lipman, MD.

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